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Fun & Games


Our campground offers the perfect balance of fun for both kids and adults! Children can enjoy activities like treasure hunts or have fun in our various attractions, while adults can relax and enjoy their getaway or take part in gatherings, kayaking, beach walks, and much more. In the evening, we organize concerts and movie nights for everyone's enjoyment. With a variety of activities, there's something for everyone at  Héron Bleu Campground.

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Jumpaï is an innovative trampoline designed to offer an exceptional jumping experience with its dynamic and durable jumping surface. Featuring a sturdy and secure design, the Jumpaï trampoline ensures hours of safe fun for both kids and adults.

Remote-controlled car track

Our remote-controlled car track is an ideal playground for competition and strategy enthusiasts. With various obstacles, tight turns, and tactical challenges, each race is an exciting adventure. Whether you're a novice or an expert, you'll enjoy piloting your tank and challenging your friends or family. Come experience the thrill of racing and battling on our remote-controlled car track, where victory depends on your skill and strategy.

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Playing Soccer
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